Social Media

Social media is here to stay. The amount of time that people are staying on social media sites like twitter and Facebook is unreal and I don’t understand what the fascination is that people have to know every thought about what other people are saying and why they care to tell other about what they are thinking. People are still writing more and more twits on twitter, and more and more people are starting to jump on the band wagon. I feel that not that the younger crowd is advanced in the social media spectrum, older people are just now getting into it. It is the future of technology and everyone is jumping in. I don’t think it will ever die off like other technology has, it will only get more advanced and more newer sites will pop up doing along the lines the same stuff.

I think it will last easily another 10 years and I have no clue on what will take its place, or else I would invent it and be a very rich person. But I will probably never think about it and I hope people don’t get more engulfed in social media. I like to be active and I like to play outside, social media is more of procrastination to me than anything. I don’t like to see guys on it adding stuff on their feeds and twitting because I find that to be something girly. It’s not manly to worry about others and how they feel about everything going on in the world and I don’t like it. 

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