Look up there is a world out there.

I honestly wish I never had a mobile phone that had the social media on it. I do like being able to get ahold of people while I am out of the house, so I do like cell phones for that reason. They are a lot better than having to find a land line to make a call but how addicting people are to their phones is crazy. At work all the co-workers are supervisor we all have cell phones, and I’m pretty sure that everyone has a smart phone cell phone. So when you go into the office at the beginning of the night or after our sort is over everyone is on their cell phone sitting there quite. It drives me crazy to see how un social people are now especially in the position we are in and I only see things getting worse in future generation.

I see the future generation not being able to talk face to face with people. Those social qualities in people are going to lack. I see it as a good thing for me because I am good at talking to people and I think that will be an advantage to me, but for the people that lack these qualities it will be very hard for them to function in the world. Anywhere you go you will numerous people on their cell phones not paying attention to what is going on around them, and its quit sad when you notice this. I know that we talked a little about this in our class on how you can walk out the library if you make it that far and in a 1 minute span you can count at least 20 people walking around with their heads down in their cell phones. And it gets really bad when you go out to eat with your friends, and even though everyone is there together everyone is on their phones. I usually call people out and make fun of them about being on their phones, but it doesn’t seem to faze them and I think it’s because being constantly on your cell phone is a social norm. What is the world coming too?

When I have a kid I know that he will be treated like me and won’t have a cell phone till he has his license, and needs it in case of emergencies. Kids now day are getting them before they can do math or know how to even spell, I guess you can view this as a learning tool but a 5 year old with the newest iphone is just stupid. I want to just tell everyone to wake up because there is a whole world out there that they can be looking at but their missing because they want to see what their friend ate for dinner.

I just hate the impact that mobile phones have put on our lives and wish that it didn’t take people so far out of the real world.

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