Internets Impact

            Life with the internet has been a life saver more than one time. It makes you feel smarter by giving you every bit of information you could ever ask for at your fingertips. I couldn’t imagine not having the internet to look up information about class paper, or how to spell words I don’t know. It has helped me a lot with different programs like when I am using my GPS to figure out how to get places. It also helps me with my boredom, by giving me an infinite amount of useless videos on YouTube, or picture to look through when I’m bored. There is a lot of helpful things that the internet gives us and it is used by a lot of different technologies that gives us advantages that we otherwise would not have.

            I couldn’t imagine not having the internet if other people did have it. If no one had the internet and everyone didn’t have the advantages I feel that I wouldn’t care about the thought of the internet. It would be easier to take advantages of information that you have obtained through people of studies. I say this because with the internet anyone with the internet can have any of the information that could ever want at the finger tips, meaning that no one who knew a lot would have any advantage over someone with google. But if you did not have the internet and other people did, you are at a huge disadvantage with not having all the information that the internet has available to you. If you needed to use the internet for information purposes then you would miss it with it not being there. But if you used the internet for entertainment I feel that not having the internet would help you progress more through life. I remember the statistic that you gave in class saying that majority of people who use their phone of Ipad do so playing games, games that make people procrastinate from doing productive things. I know from first hand that the internet keeps me up at nights while I am watching youtube videos before I go to bed, when if I didn’t have the internet I would get more rest and be ready for the next day.

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