Com Tech

Well I like money for starters and I am always thinking about how to get rich. Rather its thinking about a new business to open, a career path to take or examining how other people got rich, I usually think about money. Some of the things I have come across on forbes was how the younger billionaire became rich. A lot of the young people on the richest people in the world became rich by technology in social media or other online sites that sell stuff. There are at least four billionaire’s on the list that work at Facebook and a bunch of billionaires that are with other technology things, this leading me to think about what will be the next new way to use technology to be rich. Will it be something really new that changes the social media and technology market or will it just be a little bit of tweaking of something that already existing. I would love to know the future and find out to use it for myself but I don’t think it will happen.

A lot of times in this class while we were going over the history of some of the technology my mind would wander away thinking about of they came up with some of the first invention, and how the world was so much different back then compared to now. Of course a lot of the first inventors weren’t that rich compared to today’s inventors but I think by examining the past you can use it to create a future. Like by basing their story on what you do. I think that is what was my favorite part of this class, I like hearing the history about technology and the inventors that made it all happen. 

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