Interactive way of learning.

Researchers are agreeing with the STEM way of using interactive video games and computer games to teach children. They are saying that it is fun, and keeps the kids more involved in their studies and also can be programed to give faster feedback then waiting on a teacher to grade the work. I feel that if done right the children can learn a lot from this active way of learning because it gives the children more ways to interact and see what they are doing compared to just reading it in a book.

I believe that I, myself, am good at math, having gone through a good amount of math in college and passing with good grades. I believe that I started my development stages of learning numbers through playing games as a child with my parents. We always played card games, which was an interactive way to learn numbers and have fun at the same time with fast feedback by knowing if you made the right moves and won or wrong moves and lost. This is the same thing as having the new interactive video games to learn different educational things while also having fun. Because the hardest thing about learning is majority of the time it isn’t fun.

I think this technique will eventually be adopted in some places but not in all. The biggest factor preventing this will be the money to have the computers for the kids and then to be able to change the traditional way of teaching and learning to this new way. I already see this in homes and I think it can progress future into more people’s homes and better games to teach kids. So I am for this because there is nothing that I hate doing more than reading a book about something that I won’t ever use and that I don’t care anything about.

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