Theaters turning to digital for the future.

With the advancements in technology over the years movie makers and theaters are going to cut down on time and cost of delivering a film by going digital. In the article,0,4552757.story#axzz2j8HZxSBh. They talk about how movie theater are now turning to digital delivering of film for the future. It will help deliver movies more costly for bigger theaters but the initial cost of the new machinery might create some difficulties for smaller theaters.

Enabling factors of digital and satellite DCDC is paying for the cost of the new technology to large theaters, and that this will cut down on cost and delivery time of movies.

Limiting factors are the cost of the new technology and adapting to this new change. Because the film is not going to us any of the old equipment, there will have to be a investment into this new equipment and because the DCDC is willing to cover the cost this is going to help bigger theaters, but the smaller mostly single picture theaters are going to suffer to this new technology. Because the equipment cost around 60,000 the profits of the small theater cannot afford this and are going to be forced to go out of business.

Motivational factors of digital and satellite delivery of movies is cut down on time and cost of delivery. Now instead of shipping the actual film across states by mail which cost the companies around 2500 a ship they can send movies out for 50-125 dollars. So each movie they are saving around 2375 per film shipped. So if each theater is getting multiple films this will more than pay for itself very fast. Also instead of having to overnight the film or have to worry about when the film gets to its destination because of weather or complications in shipping, it will be as easy as downloading the movie by the internet.

Inhibiting factors are that the technology might be hard to understand or adapt to for people who have been running a theater a certain way for years and aren’t understandable to the change. 

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