Crashing the first computer

When I was a kid growing up my dad was a real estate agent, so he got one of the first computers to come out on the market for our home. I don’t have a clue what it was called but I know it was nothing like the computers we have today. I couldn’t of been five at the most, and I remember having the computer and knowing how to use it before my teachers at school got theirs for the class rooms and I was the only one who knew how to use them. It was pretty cool to have the computer at home I could play games on it and type and print but nothing other then really basic things.

My dad taught me how to use it but he had to have help from the people that sold it to him, because when he first got it he didn’t know how to hook it up, and when he did hook it up he didn’t know how to use it or make anything work. This computer that we first bought, you had to put codes in to make programs come up, there was no start screen or made easy buttons like the ones today, so looking back its crazy to see what the computers of today have come from.

I hated that computer because one day there was a storm, and every time there was a storm you had to unplug the computer. Well I knew this but I didn’t know you had to shut the computer down a certain way before unplugging it, and I crashed the computer. My dad was super mad and I got in a lot of trouble, so now the memory I have is the time I crashed the computer. But looking back at how big and ugly those computers were compared to the new computer of today or even the tablets, it’s crazy how much advancements technology has made.

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