Musician rights

The article that I am reading from is about Mel Watts’s bill about musicians rights. This bill is to protect the free publishing of their music to low bids. So they will be able to get more money for their music. I think this is a huge problem for everyone involved. Yes the rich are trying to get richer and i think when they do try to pass this law and make it harder for people to get their music or hear it less on the radio it is going to give them less exposure and people are going to start turning to stealing the music instead of buying it.

I don’t seem why they are trying to pass this law since everyone in the music industry is rich and gets everything they want any ways and i see this as they are being greed. I feel that this is going to hurt the music industry if anything, making it harder for new artistes to come up and making a monopoly out of the big producers. 

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