I personally don’t see a problem with having digital signs on billboards but I consider myself to be a very safe driver and able to do multiple things at once while I drive but I choose not too. I don’t think it would have any effect on people more then a normal billboard would but I would have to say they would have to be just pictures. If the billboards turn to using moving people or music I think it would distract a lot of not so good drivers and cause more wrecks. Even though the billboard companies did the research on the billboards I don’t see much change in if the study was done by a outside source. Just because your eyes look away for a sec doesn’t mean you are going to swerve all over the road. I don’t think banning billboards or anything that is unsafe is a good thing to do. I think that it would be better to just have some guide line to keep it safe and what it was intended to do. It is still a billboard, if you made it into a commercial then the point of the commercial would be missed while driving and making it not worth having. I believe ive seen some of these billboards and they don’t put me in any harms ways, no more than the crash people who are already on the road do. 

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