The next chapter of Televsion

Brian Roberts talked about staying in competition with everyone in the digital television world you are going to have to give the consumer everything they want. He said at Comcast they are trying to get the consumer as much content as possible for a reasonable price. He talked that everyone wants what they want in personalizing everything to themselves, rather it be the content that they want or personalizing the way everything look to be unique. He talked about using the cloud more to DVR shows and have everything on all your devises and he said in the future the prices of devices will go down so everyone can afford them.

I agree with Brian about getting everyone the content they want to be able to watch what they want when they want. If they missed a television show that they wanted to watch I feel that all they would have to do is go to their device and look up the network like HBO or whatever channel their show came on and just click and watch. That people won’t have to try and remember to record their shows and be at home that they will just have everything at their fingertips. Illegally right now there are sites on the internet that allows you to watch whatever you want like the newest movies out and every TV show you could ever want but the problem is how to regulate it to make a profit. I feel the problem is how do you keep all these billion dollar companies in play by streaming everything on the internet.

The enabling factor is getting more customers because of the fact that they can get what they want when they want without buying a bundle of stuff that they don’t want. Limiting factors are how do they regulate it or how do they make it fast enough for everyone to use if they go to leaving everything on the internet. Motivating factor is moving to the future of television which already a billion dollar industry is being the first to make it into the new realm would benefit with a lot of profit. Inhibiting factors would be what if it doesn’t work or going away from this already created and highly profitably industry, people and companies could lose a lot of money.   

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