Locks on phones

Okay in this weeks discussion I am kind of confused so i’m going to sum up what I think it means and go from there. The story is that the fcc is backing the unlocking of cell phones which allows consumers to keep or use their cell phones with any wireless provider. This way consumers can pick their best fitting cell phones and take it to their best providers.

This is were I am confused, the reason being is anytime I have ever bought a cell phone I have signed a 2 year contract with the provider and was given a cheaper cost for a cell phone. Seems pretty legit, all I have to do is pick a cell phone I like that is with the provider and stay with them long enough for my two year contract to fall off, or like it always happens I get a upgrade and start the contract over before its done. So this is were I am confused, If you wanted a certain cell phone with a certain provider who didn’t have the cell phone as a choice you would have to pay full price for the cell phone. Which is like taking a 200 dollar Iphone and paying 600 plus for it without a contract. If you bought the contract and left early then you would void the contract and have to pay early termination fees which is a lot. Last option is if you made it through the two years and wanted to trade with the phone you became so close to over the years you will be transferring with a outdated phone, which in my experience with technology and phones means its very slow, and the battery dies very fast. 

So I don’t understand the law. If someone wanted to do this I feel that they would have to pay a lot more and have to go through a lot more trouble just to have the specific phone, that is not optional with a specific provider. But if they really wanted to do this why is there a law preventing it from happening. The phone company would still get the sell of the phone and the provider would get the monthly fees. Win win all around, so if I’m not understanding this properly please fill me in, or I’m saying this is a pointless law that effects very few people, and hurts no one. 

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