Cell Phones interrupting class

After reading the article about using cell phones in class rooms. http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20130728/NEWS0105/307290010/JCPS-schools-can-apply-allow-cellphone-use-classrooms?nclick_check=1. I think the people are crazy. The problems I see are distractions in the class room, which happens here at the university when students are allowed on their phones. Another problem I see is that fairdale and southern are not middle to high income school so people who can not afford the phones could be liable to bullying or feeling insecure about not having the phones.

I believe structure should be applied in highschools, because they need the structure of not always being able to get what they want which is to bring out the phone, and having to stay on task and work in school just like they will have to do on the job. I have seen first hand how the life of a student at fairdale which i went to for my freshmen and sophomore years is compared to a more structural school like butler is which went to for my junior and senior years. At fairdale they still had uniforms which was not reinforced by any means. I was told i had to wear a polo and khaki pants or short at the beginning of the year. The teacher reinforced this for a little bit but gave up and at least by mid year i was wearing a fairdale t shirt everyday and cargo shorts or athletic shorts each day. With this being said i’m sure they will not enforce the cell phone code. Transferring to butler we had to wear proper color uniforms a belt and our shirts had to be tucked in which was all enforced all year and we would get in trouble if we didn’t abide by the rules. The academics and expectation at butler far exceeded those at fairdale and i feel that it is partly because of the structure of the rules. 

Back to the money problem, because of the less fortunate of students at fairdale there could be more bullying because of who has what. With less structure at fairdale I witnessed more bullying and fights in the first half of the year then i did my entire career at butler. I didnt leave fairdale because i was scared nor do i dislike fairdale. I had fun at fairdale playing on their basketball team and a lot of my friends to this day graduated from fairdale, but looking back if there more structure at the school I would of learned more in my first two years in highschool.

I feel that more structure is needed then less structure in these school fairdale and southern. I feel that both schools are low on the grading levels even tho fairdale was far easier of a school to pass at. I tried to look at their ranking and Jefferson county website try to make every school sound the best so i couldnt find any useful information. 

My last point is the problem in the work force. As a supervisor at UPS I get to see a lot of employees who have their phones work ethics compared to employees who don’t. And i have to say majority of the employees who have their phones could care less about working and are addicted to whatever social media they are in to. It is hard to be able to bring your phone into work and is only allowed through a security pass for personal reason only. So allot of the employees dont have them which is a good thing in my opinion, because they don’t need them to do their job just like students dont need them to learn. 

I think students should not be able to use their phones at school and a little time without them would do them good. There is a world out there and people need to get unattached from their phones and live, learn and enjoy it. 

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