Cell phones

The most surprising history that I found from chapter two was that mobile phones or wireless phones was a spin off from the bell system which was a radio telephone that cops use. It make a lot of sense that radios were the early phones but I never thought of it as being one of the first phones. A lot of the dates that the first phones were used were pretty crazy to find out, like the Detroit police cars having the hand held phone as early as the 1920’s. By 1946 the bell system offered radio telephone services to st. Louis, and what I think was most extreme was that the first hand held cell phone call was in 1973 which seems really early since no one hand them till the middle to late 1990’s. 

A lot of the later numbers seem on par, like the amount of people who use mobile phones right now and how many people spend time on them, watching videos, texting, playing game or even sometimes calling other people. The cell phones have made it down to the youth with 234 million 13 and older American having them and the numbers are just going up.

I feel that a lot of life is wasted on cell phones, with people always on social medias worrying about everything that is going on in the world like they are going to miss something important. People are always using their phones to check and change Facebook status, keep up with their tweets and track their friend and people that they don’t even know like movie stars. I feel that this is a new trend that is only getting worse with the next generations, which is only going to make Americans’ fatter, lazier and more of know it all’s then we already are.

Another history lesson that I got from the cell phones was how they got their names. Bell engineers called the area that the phones got service in “cells”, and the phones didn’t work when they move out of there cell into another cell at first. This technology came along in the 1970’s then people could walk out and into all the cells making them cell phones. I thought this was pretty neat because I never questioned why a cell phone was called a “cell” phone. Now I know.

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