Score one for e-books: No coffee stains for me

I, for one, am just now transferring into the Ipad land, and using strictly e-books for this semester. So far I am loving the e-book, it is a little bit to get used to and the only limiting factor I see is if the technology of the e-book doesn’t make the e-book look like an actual book on the Ipad so you will have multiple screens of pages for just one actual book page. For instance with this com tech book as a e-book I have a couple pages for the actual page 4 of the real book. This makes it harder to find stuff when comparing it to paper book users.

As for enabling and motivating factors, the e-books are easy to keep track of since they are all saved onto my Ipad. I don’t have to worry about bending a book of damaging it when I put it into my back pack or have it laying around the house. Which is one of the benefits that the article talks about, so if you want to have coffee stains on your pages then a e-book is not for you. As a night shift person I am usually in the dark or in some type of lighting from a light bulb which at times is hard to find the right light source, be able to get comfortable and be able to see the words. With a e-book my page is always lit and easily readable. The e-book also gives dictionary help by just touch a word with your finger that you don’t know, and the Ipad will pop up the dictionary definition, making it easy to understand all the hard to read words. Also like the article said e-books have a search bar that will allow you to search the entire book to find any word or sentence that you need, benefiting you by not having to flip through the book.

The biggest downfall and inhibiting factor is the price of having to buy the Ipad, or whatever device that you will be using to read the e-books on. At a starting price of 500 to 600 dollars for a brand new Ipad it can be costly to buy. But with several generation of Ipads out it would be easy to find one in the 300 dollar range. With the saving you will get from renting school books on e-book you will more than pay that cost off in one semester. I rented most of my 100+ dollar book for a third of the price this year and already saved the initial cost of my new used Ipad.

My view is that I love my e-book and everything that comes with it. I have never been a big reader but with the help of my e-book I am more inclined to want to read. As for facebook and social networks I see people spending too much time on them and I hate it. I am a very active person who loves being outside and playing sports. When I see some of my friend addicted to their phone it gives me the sense that they have something better to be doing then hanging out with me. I see this as a problem with society and I don’t think it is going in a good direction anytime soon.

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