Com Tech

Well I like money for starters and I am always thinking about how to get rich. Rather its thinking about a new business to open, a career path to take or examining how other people got rich, I usually think about money. Some of the things I have come across on forbes was how the younger billionaire became rich. A lot of the young people on the richest people in the world became rich by technology in social media or other online sites that sell stuff. There are at least four billionaire’s on the list that work at Facebook and a bunch of billionaires that are with other technology things, this leading me to think about what will be the next new way to use technology to be rich. Will it be something really new that changes the social media and technology market or will it just be a little bit of tweaking of something that already existing. I would love to know the future and find out to use it for myself but I don’t think it will happen.

A lot of times in this class while we were going over the history of some of the technology my mind would wander away thinking about of they came up with some of the first invention, and how the world was so much different back then compared to now. Of course a lot of the first inventors weren’t that rich compared to today’s inventors but I think by examining the past you can use it to create a future. Like by basing their story on what you do. I think that is what was my favorite part of this class, I like hearing the history about technology and the inventors that made it all happen. 

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Social Media

Social media is here to stay. The amount of time that people are staying on social media sites like twitter and Facebook is unreal and I don’t understand what the fascination is that people have to know every thought about what other people are saying and why they care to tell other about what they are thinking. People are still writing more and more twits on twitter, and more and more people are starting to jump on the band wagon. I feel that not that the younger crowd is advanced in the social media spectrum, older people are just now getting into it. It is the future of technology and everyone is jumping in. I don’t think it will ever die off like other technology has, it will only get more advanced and more newer sites will pop up doing along the lines the same stuff.

I think it will last easily another 10 years and I have no clue on what will take its place, or else I would invent it and be a very rich person. But I will probably never think about it and I hope people don’t get more engulfed in social media. I like to be active and I like to play outside, social media is more of procrastination to me than anything. I don’t like to see guys on it adding stuff on their feeds and twitting because I find that to be something girly. It’s not manly to worry about others and how they feel about everything going on in the world and I don’t like it. 

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Internets Impact

            Life with the internet has been a life saver more than one time. It makes you feel smarter by giving you every bit of information you could ever ask for at your fingertips. I couldn’t imagine not having the internet to look up information about class paper, or how to spell words I don’t know. It has helped me a lot with different programs like when I am using my GPS to figure out how to get places. It also helps me with my boredom, by giving me an infinite amount of useless videos on YouTube, or picture to look through when I’m bored. There is a lot of helpful things that the internet gives us and it is used by a lot of different technologies that gives us advantages that we otherwise would not have.

            I couldn’t imagine not having the internet if other people did have it. If no one had the internet and everyone didn’t have the advantages I feel that I wouldn’t care about the thought of the internet. It would be easier to take advantages of information that you have obtained through people of studies. I say this because with the internet anyone with the internet can have any of the information that could ever want at the finger tips, meaning that no one who knew a lot would have any advantage over someone with google. But if you did not have the internet and other people did, you are at a huge disadvantage with not having all the information that the internet has available to you. If you needed to use the internet for information purposes then you would miss it with it not being there. But if you used the internet for entertainment I feel that not having the internet would help you progress more through life. I remember the statistic that you gave in class saying that majority of people who use their phone of Ipad do so playing games, games that make people procrastinate from doing productive things. I know from first hand that the internet keeps me up at nights while I am watching youtube videos before I go to bed, when if I didn’t have the internet I would get more rest and be ready for the next day.

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Look up there is a world out there.

I honestly wish I never had a mobile phone that had the social media on it. I do like being able to get ahold of people while I am out of the house, so I do like cell phones for that reason. They are a lot better than having to find a land line to make a call but how addicting people are to their phones is crazy. At work all the co-workers are supervisor we all have cell phones, and I’m pretty sure that everyone has a smart phone cell phone. So when you go into the office at the beginning of the night or after our sort is over everyone is on their cell phone sitting there quite. It drives me crazy to see how un social people are now especially in the position we are in and I only see things getting worse in future generation.

I see the future generation not being able to talk face to face with people. Those social qualities in people are going to lack. I see it as a good thing for me because I am good at talking to people and I think that will be an advantage to me, but for the people that lack these qualities it will be very hard for them to function in the world. Anywhere you go you will numerous people on their cell phones not paying attention to what is going on around them, and its quit sad when you notice this. I know that we talked a little about this in our class on how you can walk out the library if you make it that far and in a 1 minute span you can count at least 20 people walking around with their heads down in their cell phones. And it gets really bad when you go out to eat with your friends, and even though everyone is there together everyone is on their phones. I usually call people out and make fun of them about being on their phones, but it doesn’t seem to faze them and I think it’s because being constantly on your cell phone is a social norm. What is the world coming too?

When I have a kid I know that he will be treated like me and won’t have a cell phone till he has his license, and needs it in case of emergencies. Kids now day are getting them before they can do math or know how to even spell, I guess you can view this as a learning tool but a 5 year old with the newest iphone is just stupid. I want to just tell everyone to wake up because there is a whole world out there that they can be looking at but their missing because they want to see what their friend ate for dinner.

I just hate the impact that mobile phones have put on our lives and wish that it didn’t take people so far out of the real world.

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Interactive way of learning.

Researchers are agreeing with the STEM way of using interactive video games and computer games to teach children. They are saying that it is fun, and keeps the kids more involved in their studies and also can be programed to give faster feedback then waiting on a teacher to grade the work. I feel that if done right the children can learn a lot from this active way of learning because it gives the children more ways to interact and see what they are doing compared to just reading it in a book.

I believe that I, myself, am good at math, having gone through a good amount of math in college and passing with good grades. I believe that I started my development stages of learning numbers through playing games as a child with my parents. We always played card games, which was an interactive way to learn numbers and have fun at the same time with fast feedback by knowing if you made the right moves and won or wrong moves and lost. This is the same thing as having the new interactive video games to learn different educational things while also having fun. Because the hardest thing about learning is majority of the time it isn’t fun.

I think this technique will eventually be adopted in some places but not in all. The biggest factor preventing this will be the money to have the computers for the kids and then to be able to change the traditional way of teaching and learning to this new way. I already see this in homes and I think it can progress future into more people’s homes and better games to teach kids. So I am for this because there is nothing that I hate doing more than reading a book about something that I won’t ever use and that I don’t care anything about.

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Rap genius illegal

I do not see this as legal to post lyrics from a song on a website, lyrics are the words of a song, and the only thing the site is doing is a service for the rappers for their listeners, if it was just about writing the lyrics down. But obviously that’s not the only reason that David Lowery is trying to get them. It was said that rap genius banked 15 million off of venture funding. So it this way of thinking yes it would be illegal to make money off of someone else’s work without their permissions.

Somehow these websites are making a good amount of cash from posting lyrics from songs on their websites. Rap genius does a little more than just posting the lyrics. I know I am a little late on getting on the website and rap genius is trying to become legit, so the site might be different now than when it was before getting some licenses. But from what I saw they try to define the lyrics for people, providing a service that they should get a good cut from that the rappers don’t need the majority of the cut. Yes the rappers created the lyrics and should get some money, but this site is creating a new product by giving you a definition to the lyrics. The second thing that I saw was that on the website rap genius they had the actually song available to listen to, free of charge so without a license this would be illegal.

The problem I had with understand this law suit was how does rap genius make its money. I did google this and didn’t come up with anything, and in the documents I did read it only talked about the number that it made and not how it made it. This leaves me to believe that they make their income through advertising. That because of how many people come to the site each day it creates a demand on the site for companies in the music business to make money. It does have some publicity on the site by not a lot,  and nowhere near as many advertisements as over websites. But there is a number on its income, so they are making some money off of other peoples work, and because of this I would say it’s illegal. 

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Crashing the first computer

When I was a kid growing up my dad was a real estate agent, so he got one of the first computers to come out on the market for our home. I don’t have a clue what it was called but I know it was nothing like the computers we have today. I couldn’t of been five at the most, and I remember having the computer and knowing how to use it before my teachers at school got theirs for the class rooms and I was the only one who knew how to use them. It was pretty cool to have the computer at home I could play games on it and type and print but nothing other then really basic things.

My dad taught me how to use it but he had to have help from the people that sold it to him, because when he first got it he didn’t know how to hook it up, and when he did hook it up he didn’t know how to use it or make anything work. This computer that we first bought, you had to put codes in to make programs come up, there was no start screen or made easy buttons like the ones today, so looking back its crazy to see what the computers of today have come from.

I hated that computer because one day there was a storm, and every time there was a storm you had to unplug the computer. Well I knew this but I didn’t know you had to shut the computer down a certain way before unplugging it, and I crashed the computer. My dad was super mad and I got in a lot of trouble, so now the memory I have is the time I crashed the computer. But looking back at how big and ugly those computers were compared to the new computer of today or even the tablets, it’s crazy how much advancements technology has made.

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